Thursday, December 27, 2012

High 5...

They are, Tall(all of them are), Dark(not necessarily) and Handsome(oh! most definitely they are)... The 5 male models of Lucknow who the fashion experts think will rule the fashion industry of Lucknow in 2013. 
They might be new and an unknown face right now but soon you will see them all over from shows to billboards to magazines and newspapers.
MELANGE MODEL MANAGEMENT presents the 5 male models in no particular order of ranking.

ASAD MASOOD: A corporate profession who believes in quality work rather then the quantity. After doing few shows he is now all set to get into the big league.
Asad Masood

  SHAH NAWAAZ: Style comes naturally to this fashion consultant working with a renowned brand. Shah Nawaaz farm fresh looks and a good height is a lethal combination one can vouch on.
Shah Nawaaz

PRASOON GUPTA: He is a dentist by profession. With the kind of looks and the killer smile he has, we are sure his patients always walks away with a smile on their face.
Prasoon Gupta

DUSHYANT PRATAP: An engineer by profession, Dushyant Pratap has an amazing body language on ramp. This guy is sure on his way to become a great designer horse.
Dushyant Pratap

AKSHAY SHUKLA: Akshay Shukla came as a plesent surprise to us. This guy has not done even a single show yet the experts believe that he is a fast learner. So after grooming he will turn out to be a great model.
Akshay Shukla

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Confession of a Model - 1

Hi. My name is Harish (name changed). I am a model from Lucknow with more than 2years of experience in modelling. These two years has been quit a journey professionally with many a shows in my hats, mostly local contests. Now with such an experience I am a senior model in the city and people call me 'veteran contestant'. 
Any local contest is good for me

Today, I wanted to confess few of the things in front of you:
  1. I love participating in local contest because it assures me a title. As there are no set perimeters to judge the contest, a close proximity with the organizer  solves the purpose.
  2. My sense of achievement is directly proportionate to the no. of likes I get on FB when I upload my show pictures.
  3. I love flaunting my titles in front of my friends who does not know anything about the modelling.
  4. I know I am the best, so if I don't get the show/title then there is something wrong with the organizer. 
  5. And the world should know about it so I bitch about it, every where specially FB.
  6. I think it is my duty as a senior model to guide the aspiring models  even it means guiding them with little or no knowledge about the industry.
  7. So what if I don't earn anything from modelling, I am still a senior model.
  8.  So what if I have not done any good assignment or don't have any prestigious modelling assignments, I am still a senior model.
  9. So what all the good people from the industry does not take me for work, I still have organizers who calls me to participate in the contest.
  10. I know after 2 years also I have not achieved anything concrete yet I am still walking on the ramp. Isn't it the biggest achievement.  

Still walking the ramp

Do you know any one like him. Or would you like to be one like him. Comment.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Top 5 female models of Lucknow

Melange Model Management is out with the list of Top 5 female models of Lucknow, who has what it takes to be a model.
These ranking are on the basis of their looks, attitude towards the work and their profile.

With 5.8 feet height she is one dusky lady in the dawn of beauty. With just two shows as experience, she is creating a buzz in the industry.
Saakshi Gupta

This 5.7 feet tall girl got busy with her studies after doing a couple of shows. Now that she is over with her studies, she is all set to conquer the world.
Shikha Singh

At No. 3 is SONA PAUL
She is dusky and 5.8 feet tall. An unconventional look and an amazing body language makes her a perfect ramp model. All she needs now is some good assignments.
Sona Paul

She is tall really tall, 5.10feet to be precise. She has done some of the prestigious campaigns in the past and ready to take 2013 by her feet.
Priyanka Badhuria

She walks with beauty, she walks with grace;
She walks with the smile on her face:
That's Khushboo Kankan. She is 5.10 feet tall and ready to set the ramp on fire.
Khushboo Kankan
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Monday, December 24, 2012


IN SYNC - basant anuj 
wishes you a 
Merry Christmas....
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Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Cheap Thrill..!

At this time when the whole nation is going through pain, anguish and anger because of gang rape case, here is wannabe Bollywood actress Suzanna Reddy who uses this as a publicity stunt. 

She did a photo-shoot to express her anger and has demanded justice to the victim. She says, “New Delhi gang-rape shameful and shameless. The man who rape should be castrated or hanged.”

But her photo - shoot seems to be nothing but a shameful act of cheap publicity stunt.

See the pictures and decide yourself!!!!
 Suzanna Reddy in support of rape victim

Suzanna Reddy in support of rape victim

Suzanna Reddy in support of rape victim

Suzanna Reddy in support of rape victim

 Suzanna Reddy in support of rape victim 

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Miss Universe 2012 - Preliminary Competition (Full Show)

There are only few days left for the MISS UNIVERSE 2012 finale. 
Watch the Miss Universe 2012 - Preliminary Competition and predict which country will win the Miss Universe 2012 Title.

Friday, December 14, 2012

New Kids on the Block - 1

Recently I went to an audition as a judge for one of the modelling contest in Lucknow, where more than 300 aspiring models had come to try their luck.
But amongst them only few of them had what it takes to be a model.
My new series 'New Kids on the Block' is to bring in front of you the face that promises to launch thousands of products and the body that can be called a great designer horse.
They might be new to the industry but soon they would be a household names.

So here I am, introducing the two aspiring models, Khushboo Kankan and Asad Masood.

Khushboo Kankan
Khushboo Kankan
Khushboo Kankan was spotted by ace choreographer, Achala Sachdev last year while shopping at a mall. With 5feet 10 inches height she went on to win the title of Max Fashion Icon 2012. Then she did a couple of shows including the launch of the designer store KIMAYA. This student of B.Com, third year from Audh Girls Degree College, Lucknow, wants to represent India in the international beauty pageant.
With the kind of looks she has, I am sure her dreams will turn into reality soon.

Asad Masood
Asad Masood
With an unconventional looks and 6feet height Asad Masood is definitely a promising guy one can look forward to in the near future. Working  as an assistant manager for a corporate house, his priorities are set. As he says he wants the quality and not the quantity and he is ready to wait for the right moment. After looking at his pictures, I can say the right moment has arrived for him now.
Khushboo Kankan

Asad Masood


Leave your views about these two aspiring models on the comment box. 

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shilpa Singh @ Miss Universe 2012 Contest

Shilpa Singh, is right now in Las Vegas representing India at the mother of all the pageants, MISS UNIVERSE 2012. Though Shilpa is not amongst the favourite contestants at the contest she might surprise us as her mentor Sushmita Sen did in 1984.
This I can say because we can see her improving day by day. So she might emerge as a dark horse. 
Though I strongly believe, her Evening Gown is not at all up to the standard of the Miss Universe pageant.

Here is a pictorial journey of what she has been doing recently at the contest at Las Vagas.

After looking at these pictures and her official interview do you think she can make it to the top 3? 

Please comment. The best comment will get the scarf from 'IN SYNC - basant anuj'.

All the pictures are from Internet
Shilpa's official interview @ Miss Universe 2012