Monday, August 22, 2016

Fall, Rise and Fall of Akhilesh Yadev - 1 Overview

Mr. Akhilesh Yadev, Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh
Photo: Indian Express

It was Feb 2012, Legislative Assembly elections were approaching in Uttar Pradesh, the largest and most populated state of India. People were annoyed with the ruling Party Bahujan Samaj Party, headed by 'Behen' Mayawati was busy constructing parks and memorials with her larger than life statues, wasting thousands of crores of public money. Believe me you, after spending so much of money on Dalit Politics the only Dalit who got benefit was 'behenji' herself. 

Amidst all this dilemma there was one name which was catching eyeballs of d common youth.That name was Akhilesh Yadav, son of a seasoned politician and head of Samajwadi Party, Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav. He was perceived as young politician who would lead Uttar Pradesh to the roads of development.

This situation converted into clear mandate for Akhilesh yadav and as expected he became the Chief Minister of the largest state of India and the youngest till date.

The first decision he took as sitting Chief Minister was that all the MLA's can by a car worth Rs 25 lakh from the quota. Sounds absurd! But true.This decision evoked a major criticism from all corners and was finally roll back.

Though he was the chief minister but he had no control over his own cabinet ministers and his party members. 

His Populist schemes like free laptops failed because the state was still struggling for the basics like electricity. So for many the laptop was of no use and they sold it off. 

The law and order condition started getting worst day by day and 'Gundaraj' started again. And with no clear government policies, state couldn't witness any major investment. 

Migration of youths to other states for better prospects and opportunities continued. Noida d biggest investment destination of U.P was turning into an residential area with few takers.

Stories of land grabbing became and fights by his party men on toll plazas became a daily news.

And the Muslim appeasement Politics continued. Remember how an enthusiastic I A S officer Mrs. Durga Shakti Nagpal was suspended just because she abandoned the wall of an illegal mosque building.

Dadri lynching case were the victim being minority were awarded with Rs. 65 lakhs and 4 flats in Noida. 

All in all Akhilseh Yadev failed miserably as Chief Minister.

Elections of 2017 state assembly is approaching and youth are not ready buy his latest technique of 'makeup' i.e Giving BIG Ads in newspapers and hoardings all around the state.

This is just the overview and we will have detailed analysis on 'Fall, Rise and Fall of Akhilesh Yadev" series.

How do you rate Akhilesh Yadev as Chief Minister? Comment.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I AM all set to inspire you on youtube

What If:
  • An achiever tells you that I am among you, if 'I Can even You Can'. 
  •  You get a chance to talk about an idea that you have nurtured for years and could not speak about it because nobody was listening to you.
Welcome! to I AM - A You Tube Series...

I AM - A you tube series, is a talk show where achievers from different walks of life are invited as guest to talks about their journey from no one to becoming someone.
The main objective of this series is to show our viewers how an achiever is made, as our guest talks about their experiences, struggles and how they emerged as winners.

Our guest list will be an eclectic mix of people who accepted the challenges not to prove anyone but themselves.

From bloggers, entrepreneur, fashion designers, students to social workers I AM is for the people who can proudly say I AM.

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

I AM - A Youtube Series, Promo

I AM is a you tube series on ACHIEVERS around you.

How to get featured on I AM:

1. If you are an achiever

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Conceptualized and executed by Dr. Anuj Singh & Basant Rai

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Now, NaMo Inspires Me is on WhatsApp also..

The Social Media initiative 'NAMO INSPIRES ME' is now on WhatsApp also.
Krishna and Laxmi

To inform about various government schemes and initiatives of public interests started by Indian government NAMO INSPIRES ME introduced an animated series with Laxmi and Krishna hosting the show.
To receive these informative videos from NAMO INSPIRES MEon whatsapp fill up the form given  below:

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

#खादी_गाथा Social Media Campaign by NaMo Inspires Me launched

Social Media Campaign  initiated by NAMO INSPIRES ME gets tremendous response from the twitteratti across the world on the very first day of its launching. Here are few of the highlights of the campaign...

1. Information put on the blog (Click the link below)

2. The official launch of the campaign at 2:17pm
Lets talk about hand spun, eco friendly fabric - Khadi, with our 1month #SM Campaign #खादी_गाथा starting today.

With the team of 28 City Representatives and 800+ registered members of #NaMoInspiresMe talking about the hand spun, hand woven, eco friendly fabric, the words started spreading on twitter about the campaign. By 7 pm many people had joined the campaign.

3. At 8:11pm, Shri Giriraj Singh, Minister of State for MSME twitted with 

4. This tweet gave a major boost to the campaign and within an hour   was in the trend list
1. #KikuSharda 2. Masood Azhar 3. #RIPMakeInIndia 4. #खादी_गाथा 5. #NewYearWithMoto 2016/1/13 21:20 IST

 As the campaign  continues, here are some of the suggestions shared by the twitteratis
Incentivize public to promote the usage of Khadi will not only increase consumption but will also contribute to livelihood 3/n #खादी_गाथा

As the campaign   by 'NaMo Inspires Me' continues, join them on twitter and facebook and also share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions on Khadi to create an awareness.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

#खादी_गाथा - A Social Media Campaign

#खादी_गाथा - An Initiative by #NaMoInspiresMe

Social Media Initiative #NaMoInspiresMe is starting the SM Campaign #खादी_गाथा . This is basically a campaign to create an awareness about KHADI among the masses.

Campaign Background:
KHADI is a hand spun, hand woven fabric. The fabric that was once synonyms to self reliance, empowerment is in a sorry stage.

Today KHADI weavers are looking for alternatives for their livelihood.

So its high time we must restore the past glory associated with KHADI.

Our beloved PM MODI JI understood the urgency of it n made an appeal at various platforms to buy KHADI.

Our Minister of State for MSME GIRIRAJ JI has gone all out to come up with the mechanism to generate employment via KHADI.

So lets be the voice. Lets talk about KHADI, and the problems associated with it. Lets find out the solutions.

Come and contribute to 'Khadi awareness social media' campaign with tag #खादी_गाथा

CAMPAIGN: Khadi awareness campaign

HASHTAG: #खादी_गाथा

STARTING DATE: 13th Jan 2016
DURATION: 1 month.

1. Twitter
2. Facebook
3. WhatsApp
4. Youtube
5. Instagram
6. Pinterest

Soon #NaMoInspiresMe will announce exciting contests, interview with celebrities and stakeholders, tweet party etc etc with #खादी_गाथा

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PS: #NaMoInspiresMe is a social media initiative and not a contest.